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Nuru Yake - Kenya

Geoff & Linda Simpson, Missionaries in Ongata Rongai, Kenya

The Simpson Family

The Ministry

  • Full time discipleship training of the high school graduates
  • Reaching other areas of Kenya with God’s Word through the sending out and equipping of these young people
  • Mentoring, discipling and training our sponsored high school students for their future careers and ministries
  • Teaching God’s Word to students in local schools

How to Support

Update on Sam Omolo

Sam Omolo is a teen that has been part of the ministry in Kenya with the Simpsons. He was recently diagnosed with stage three cancer in the post-nasal cavity and will need to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. Please pray for him (specifically for strength and healing) and consider either donating to help with the costs of treatment or buying items at the Bake Sale on March 15th to support the fundraiser.

Update from Geoff and Linda with Sam Omolo

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