C4: Young Adults at Calvary Mercer

Grounded in Christ and community through college and early career.

Who We Are

Here's the deal: Between the ages of 18 and 30, most young adults face BIG life changes. Transitioning to the workforce or college (or both), transitioning out of college, a new career, serious relationships, maybe marriage, moves from location to location. These years are packed with change.

What happens to our faith during these times? How do we stay grounded in Christ through all these life movements?

We are a group of young adults centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on community, teaching, and growth. We invite you to join us as we seek to live this focus out in four ways:

  • Christ: To know Christ and make Him known through the Word of God.
  • Community: To establish a community of young adults with genuine love, friendships, and care for one another.
  • Character: To support growth in each other's personal relationship with Christ.
  • Calling: To incorporate young adults into the local church, equipping them for their calling.

We've come up with an easy way to remember these four focus areas that doubles as a fun nickname: Welcome to C4! Although it's a little playful, we hope it will spark conversation with those we invite and lead to discussions centered on Jesus Christ.

When do we meet?

Well, as friends, we try to get together all the time, because we share life with one another. But we do meet consistently each Tuesday evening at 6:30pm and we would love for you to join us!

Let us know you'd like more information about our next gathering by filling out the simple form below. One of us will get back to you very soon. Looking forward to meeting you!