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Saints Prison Ministry Crusade

July 29 - Aug 1, 2020

Prison ministry, not just behind bars but in the yard.

Welcome to the most exciting opportunity you will be offered as an athlete in your walk with Christ! This website will provide all the details needed for being part of the 2020 Calvary Chapel Mercer County Crusade


​In joining with the Saints Prison Ministry, you are offering your time and talents to the Lord as a missionary-athlete. Missionaries first, reaching the lost and dying world behind prison bars; athletes second, in an effort to reach the 80% of the inmate population that will not attend any formal religious programs - but will always make time for a softball game!


Please read the entire contents of all the pages on this website, prayerfully consider if God is calling you to this mission field, and then follow the detailed instructions in "The Details" to make your commitment to serve Christ's Kingdom in Watertown, NY this summer!