Support a Kenyan High School Student

Each of the high school students here is waiting for a sponsorship.

Laban Laban

Laban is currently in his freshman year of high school.  He lives with his brother and mom, and he has been a part of our youth program for a while now.  Laban has a gentle, sensitive spirit and he works very diligently to do well in his studies.  Your support of Laban would help him to continue studying in high school in order to learn and grow and have opportunities in life.  

Lydia Lydia

Lydia and her brother both entered high school this May 2022.  They live with their mom who works to provide for their basic food and rent but is unable to cover the fees for them to attend high school.  Lydia and her brother both attend our youth programs which helps them spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  Your sponsorship of Lydia’s schooling would enable her to continue in high school to give her an opportunity to learn and have options in her future.  It also helps to build confidence in herself and help her to avoid the harmful traps many of her peers fall into when they do not have a chance to go to high school.