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Parenting Seminar

Training Children in the Faith

May 1st from 4pm - 6pm

Why is it so hard to talk to our children about faith?

How does how we parent in action affect how are children understand who God is?

Parenting is hard already but when we combine that with trying to lead our children to a faith in the Lord, it feels like an impossible task.

On May 1st from 4pm-6pm we will be hosting a free parenting seminar focused on this very task, training our children in the faith. Because there is no guaranteed three-step process for this, we will have a panel of speakers who will address various areas. We hope that each of us might leave encouraged to continue to run our race while also growing in a bit more wisdom as we think about how we each parent our unique children.

Below you can drop a question that you would love to hear answered from this topic.

We are planning on having childcare at the event to make sure all who want to attend can do so. A registration will be coming out soon for the childcare.