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Yesterday I sent out an e-news informing the congregation of Calvary Mercer’s efforts to deal with the growing concern of the spread of the coronavirus in our community. At that time I mentioned that we were presently not altering our meeting schedule but instead encouraging folks that were either a member of the vulnerable population or those experiencing symptoms of this or any other sickness to keep themselves from CCMC gatherings out of an abundance of caution. In that e-news I also mentioned the practical steps from cleaning to altering our greetings that we were putting in place and that we would continue monitoring the situation and the advice and direction of local health and governmental officials.

Late last evening (Thursday, March 12) residents, businesses and organizations of Mercer County were notified that the County has also declared a State of Emergency as the state itself had done earlier in the week. Additionally, Ewing’s Mayor has issued a strongly encouraged recommendation to all Township entities to postpone or reschedule all events with gatherings of ten or more people in close proximity. Here is a link to the Mayor’s statement.

Out of respect for our Township officials and with a desire to be in compliance with increased efforts to socially distance residents from larger groups of people, CCMC will be implementing the following until further notice:

All planned meetings and events for the upcoming week will be canceled. This includes:

  • Friday:
  • Junior and Senior High Youth Group
  • Saturday:
  • Men’s Prayer Breakfast
  • Sunday:
  • Sunday Morning Service
  • (* Sunday’s service will be delivered via video. See below for more info).
  • Sam Omolo Bake Sale Fundraiser
  • Good Stuff Thrift Drive
  • All Church Prayer Meeting
  • Monday:
  • Morning Bible Study for those struggling with homelessness
  • Men’s Evening Bible Study
  • Tuesday:
  • Addictions Group
  • Grief Group
  • Wednesday 
  • Morning Bible Study for those struggling with homelessness
  • Mid Week Service 
  • Thursday:
  • Women’s Evening Bible Study
  • Friday:
  • Men’s Morning Study
  • Women’s Morning Bible Study
  • Junior and Senior High Youth Group
  • Saturday
  • Marriage Ministry Event
  • All Home Fellowship (physical) gatherings are postponed at this time.

Sunday Service

We will be video recording our Sunday morning time of worship and teaching and posting online. You are encouraged to log on at the designated time, minimize distractions as much as possible and ‘gather’ with the church. Additional info will be forthcoming.

Small Group Meetings

As mentioned above, this week’s smaller gatherings are canceled. We are, however, working on a plan (and undergoing the necessary training) to implement online small group meetings. These will be interactive opportunities for folks to see and talk with one another via online meeting technology. Additional information will be forthcoming.

Daily Video Devotions

Throughout the week, we will be producing short video devotions from members of our Leadership Team designed to help each of us think about all that is going on from a Biblical perspective. These will be emailed out and posted on social media. Additional information will be forthcoming.

Pastoral Care

As increasingly more and more things are shutting down and folks are experiencing more and more isolation as a result, we will be responding by increasing our efforts to connect and care with each person in the congregation. As such, the pastors and others from our CCMC Leadership Team will be reaching out to the congregation in a variety of ways (phone, email, text, video, etc) to talk, pray, and encourage one another.

Certainly, these are unique times for us as a community, nation, world, and as such, they are uncertain times. Such uncertainty oftentimes causes unrest in our hearts. That is understandable. While diligence, care, and concern are a fine response in such circumstances, panic and debilitating fear, however, are not. Despite the unknown, as people of God, we rest in Him who does indeed know the beginning and the end.

We certainly are not looking to foster panic within our church community, and we understand that to some these measures may seem unnecessary. However, there is no harm in taking these steps and we believe they are an important part we can play to alleviate concerns and to ensure our community stays safe and is cared for during this outbreak.  Here is a link to a good article if anxiousness is already describing your outlook towards COVID-19.

Please join us in praying for three things as it pertains to the outbreak of this virus.

  • One, that God would bring about healing to all of those presently infected.
  • Two, that He might grant wisdom to our health officials and government agencies as they lead us. 
  • And three, that God’s Church might love well during this outbreak and through that love draw others to a saving knowledge of Him.

We will continue to update you as pertinent information becomes available. 

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation. 

Helpful websites regarding COVID-19:

WHO Website

National CDC Website

State of NJ Website

Mercer County Website

Ewing Township Website