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Christmas in Kenya

Supporting the Simpson's and Nuru Yake this holiday season!

This holiday season we wanted to bless a ministry close to the hearts of many in this congregation and we're excited to think of our friends associated with Nuru Yake in Kenya. We've created a catalogue, or gift giving guide, that outlines many of the needs that can be provided for.

By clicking on the green price tags for each image, you can be directed to our giving page to make a donation for the ministry. Besides giving financially, you can also take a look at the end of the catalogue for items that can be donated or purchased using the Amazon link. Many of us have extra craft items laying around that would be perfect to provide this ministry with. Would you consider donating items that you can spare, or perhaps buying something specifically from the Amazon list?

Throughout the catalogue you'll also find updates from several of the staff, providing information on how God has been moving personally in their lives as well as the communities around them.

*We will be collecting donations until Wednesday, December 29th.